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More Edison Chen Gillian Chung Cecilia Cheung Vincy Yeung Sex Photos Leaked

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Edison Chen sex photos scandal has again been fueled by more than 400 pictures released today on February 8. The newly released pictures including three naked bathing photos of Edison Chen's current girlfriend Vincy Yeung have more explosive details on two embattled actresses/singers Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung. A lot of photos in this new batch are the complements to a previous batch. Update, Feb 9: 40 more pics of Bobo Chan leaked. Update Feb 11: Video: Gillian Chung admits the involvement in Edison Chen sex photos scandal. Update Feb 11 (2):Myterious Kira again promised: 3 Edison Chen Sex Videos Will be Uploaded at 3am (February 12, Hong Kong time) Update Feb 21: Video: Edison Chen apologized again, he admitted he took photos and announced to quite Hong Kong showbiz indefinitely. Update Feb 23: Hong Kong Police found 1000 more racy photos and numerous sex videos from Edison Chen's computer, with three new celebrities implicated. Update Feb 25 Hong Kong police found more than 10,000 suggestive photos in Edison Chen's computer equipments. Update Feb 26, Hsu Chi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang, Jill M Vidal Sucked into Edison Chen Sex Photos Scandal


The sex photos scandal that has rocked Hong Kong and publicly embarrassed celebrities, including Edison Chen (陳冠希), Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐), Bobo Chan (陳文媛) and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝), implicated Edison's current girlfriend Vincy Yeung (楊永晴) today.

Dozens more photos of women, scantily dressed and completely nude in provocative and explicit poses, purported to be of Gillian, Cecilia and Vincy surfaced on the internet in the early hours of the morning.

Three photos show a woman, purported to be Vincy, having a shower.

In some photos a woman, purported to be Gillian, poses provocatively in white lingerie. In other images, that appear to be from the same set as an image leaked two days ago, the woman poses in black lingerie.

In around 20 photos, a woman, purported to be Cecilia, poses topless wearing only knickers. Around a dozen photos depict the woman posing nude on a toilet seat cover and appear to be from the same set as images leaked throughout the last fortnight. Around 90 photos show the woman stripping from a police uniform, giving a man, purported to be Edison, a blowjob and masturbating. These, too, seem to be taken at the same time as other photos previously leaked.

None of the celebrities purported to appear in the photos have been accused by Hong Kong police of any wrongdoing. Instead, the police investigation has focused on tracking down the people who are leaking or spreading the images. Police have not held a press briefing since the Chinese New Year holiday began. Police have so far arrested eight people in connection with the spread of photos, but this has not halted new photos being leaked onto the web throughout the holiday period.

From Coolsmurf

Into the 13th day of the scandal, although no new starlets has been exposed in the form of videos and pictures as promised, more damaging pictures of Gillian Chung and Cecilia Chung has been released.

The number of Gillian pictures released has widened to include set photos of her in black lingerie while another new set is of her in a white bra and panties. It’s estimated that Edison must have took her pictures from 2001 to 2006 judging from the looks of it. Gillian has the longest timeframe amongst the female stars to have her pictures taken. One of Cecilia’s photo exif information showed that it was taken in June 2005. While for Bobo Chan’s case, her scandal with Edison started from 2001 and ended in 2004 and from the arrangment in Edison’s room, the photos must have been shot between 2002, 2003.

And from this, we can see that Edison must have relationships with 2 or more starlets at one given time, or maybe even more. It seems like the more revealing photos are those whom he must have a relationship with while the others must be just flings or a one night stand.

This incident has shocked the entire world not just Asia alone and Edison’s name has become the butt of discussion all over. He must have some psychological problem to be filming every female star he has been with.

As Edison Chen's computer has been repaired by different companies, it is believed Edison Chen's sex photos have been copied by various people. As a result, it's real difficult for Hong Kong police find the original person who leaked all of those racy photos.

In a Taiwan talkshow back in 2007 with Hsu Xi-di (小S) and Kevin Tsai Kang Yong, Edison Chen candidly talked about her girlfriend Vincy Yeung. He also said he didn't have any one night stand, but in fact? He is nothing more than a pervert, just as bad as the characters he played in the movies!

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